Create the SoulBiz you truly desire!


[sohl biz] - noun, informal: Sharing your calling - the reason why you are here - while lovingly serving the world AND yourself.


Hi my Beautiful,

"Sarah, you are so beautiful, strong and successful." people used to say. It was all a mask. Inside I was depressed and felt like a total failure. I wanted to end my life. Standing by the window, ready to jump out, a voice within me said, "Sarah you have to stay, there is a reason WHY you are here." 

Today I love my life! I know my calling. I'm reaching thousands of women around the world with my Soul Biz = love.

My wonderful clients say: "Sarah is the world's most loving Business Coach. Thanks to Sarah's love, I am the woman I always wanted to be and I share my REAL magic purpose with the world."

I say: "I am simply being honest."

Oh, and I'm a mom AND nomad, trained meditation teacher AND red lipstick lady, I used to be a busy marketing manager AND a spiritual Course In Miracles teacher, I am a Harvey Specter sexiness fan AND organic dark chocolate addict, Crazy? I am what I desire to be on my journey towards my true self.

I love supporting women to become a unique coach, in my rosé Coaching Academy. I am a working from sofas feet-up freak, host of intimate retreats and seminars. I built a thriving business without a website or funnel - but a big heart. Besides kissing my son on his chunky cheeks and talking for hours with my husband about self-development, being the coach for women on a mission is my favorite thing in the world. 

I believe

that too many women think...



"WHO AM I TO BE A SUCCESSFUL COACH, SPEAKER, creative, blogger...?"

"how can I help people and still have Sparkle in my wallet...?"

I feel you! I have been there, too!
Then I quit my marketing career, I quit my organic fashion start-up ... until I allowed myself to freely create my dream lifestyle and Soul Biz...and now it's your turn, my wonderful Sis:

#SoulBizSisters, it's time to find your CALLING and to share openly WHO YOU TRULY are.

We all have a special gift for the world. That Gift is your true golden key to freedom, Joy & abundance! 

It moves us and the world.


It works magically for me. And it will for you, too!

Let's open up together. You will feel inspired by my clients and by my own journey. We are there for you! You do not have to do this on your own any longer. We are in this together!

It gives me So much joy to see My amazing clients and their soulful messages featured in : 


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 When I signed up for working with Sarah my intention was to build my business, quit my 9-5 job and make my first money from my SoulBiz. It all happened very quickly and so much more ... my business began to grow naturally, I even met my soulmate. We moved to a new beautiful home and I just married him. All with Sarah by my side. I have never met anyone who pours so much love into working with clients.

- Alexandra Gartner, Soul Luxury & Energy Practitioner

"There is a new flow of abundance in my life!"

When I started working with Sarah I was stuck in business. I didn’t know how to continue. How to overcome my blockages towards money. Sarah guided me through an amazing process. Now I am totally clear on what to do, there is more abundance in my life and  I have grown into an independent woman.

- Mariah Freya, Love & Sex Coach

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Look behind the scenes!

My travels. My work. My family. My life.

Unfiltered. Pure. Honest!

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Giving Back - Thank You Bali!

 I believe having a Soul Biz you truly desire should be POSSIBLE NO MATTER WHAT YOUR BACKGROUND IS. Bali gave me so much while living there. However BEHIND THE SCENES of beautiful touristic Bali, I saw many women being harmed for seeking freedom. Since 2 years I coach a Balinese woman and together we support girls with no home, no family. If you also love to donate or help actively, please write to management (at)