LOVE. What (not) to expect from this MAGAZINE.

Sarah Antwerpes

In this space, I allow myself, what I love to allow myself - private diary, world travel photos, black and white, colorful, red lipstick kisses, long, short, poems, surprising fireworks of words, I DO NOT GO FOR WHAT "MAKES SENSE" - I GO FOR WHAT "FEELS FREE", love, gut feeling, lively - being rather vulnerable than depressed. No plan, structure, some kind of male strategy, free flow female, messy miracles, healing help, I AM NOT A SHINY SPIRITUAL QUEEN - I AM NOT A BOXED BUSINESS WOMEN, I love words.

I am a mum, I love clear clarity, my child cries, needs me, I jump up, hug, kiss and love him, my messy post waits, or I just press publish with what it is in that moment, might be an open end, messy English, language from my heart, SPACE FOR CURIOSITY - SPACE TO LET OTHERS SPEAK IN MY SPACE, guest writers, no ghosts, like beings share their gifts to be more, more love, more light, more life, more time, more true power, more themselves. I am.