Sarah Antwerpes


  1. SOUL BIZ IS POSSIBLE! I love you to see, even if we never work together, that building and leading your Business from your heart & intuition successfully is possible.  Really the only way to go for modern society.
  2. REAL! My clients are way better at describing what working with me feels like. I'll rather let them share their experience than me coming up with some fancy sales copy. I have better things to do, like helping them or playing with my little son Lilas.
  3. LOVE! They rock in helping the world! Their work needs to be shown and has already been featured in some major outlets, like:
Sarah Antwerpes


Hannah Klose

Put it into those words and one knows, that she is a true angel. Blessed by her coaching sessions I am discovering more and more about who I really want to be and who I am. She is a fun, loving, caring, super exciting, very experienced coach to work with and has a true blessing for knowing what people feel and need.

She sees the best in me


and works really hard on herself as well! Meeting her has been a true adventure and I wouldn't want to miss her in my life, she is a soul lover!

Hannah Klose, 25, Professional Speaker & Presenter from Munich




Carrie Silver

Before coming into my journey with Sarah, I was feeling really lost, confused about my life -- I just got back from traveling, and I had no clue what I wanted to do next. Plus, my life was out of all sorts. Everything felt like I was forcing it to happen. Thankfully, the universe brought me and Sarah together. Throughout the journey, Sarah had the perfect blend of loving & tough love to keep me supported and constantly evolving. By the end of the program, I was a new confident women, the women I hoped to be. I am now so much more connected with my own intuition because of the work I've done with Sarah.

I was a new confident women, the women I hoped to be.


Why would you recommend others to work with Sarah?

Because she is awesome (duh) and because she has just the perfect amount of love and tough love blended together. It felt like I was working with my older *conscience* sister that I never quite had :). Also, when working together - you can tell that she has done so much of inner work herself, which is why she has such great experience to share with others!

How has your journey with Sarah affected your life? Did it make a difference?

YESSSSS! My relationships are better, my health is better, and I can't believe it, but I found a passion that I love to work on now. 

Were there any reactions from others around you after your coaching sessions?

Yes, people in the previous weeks have told me that I have hit this new gem - and they feel more supported than they've ever felt. I also got compliments that I have this new glow.... Yummy :)

Was there anything Sarah motivated you to do?

Just as an example, she showed me what life can really be like. I can see how life can be so joyous and beautiful.

I keep tapping into my intuition & ask for what I want. 


Did you leave anything behind in the process?

A lot of my fears. I left my fears around money, my fears around never finding my purpose, my fears of not making the most in this life behind.

What do you love the most about your life now?

That I can listen to a very special voice that’s inside of me, and be comfortable listening to that voice. Also, that my life is pretty awesome :)

Carrie Silver, 25, Feminine Mentor from New York



Alexandra Gartner

It was beautiful intuition and guidance that has brought Sarah and me together. As cheesy as it sounds, but it was meant to be. WHEN I SIGNED UP FOR WORKING WITH SARAH MY INTENTION WAS TO BUILD MY BUSINESS, QUIT MY 9-5 JOB AND MAKE MY FIRST MONEY FROM MY SOULBIZ. IT ALL HAPPENED VERY QUICKLY AND SO MUCH MORE ...  my business began to grow naturally and I have entered into an amazing business partnership with a woman, Sarah had introduced me to - together we brought together over 1200 women in the German speaking area to rediscover their femininity and connect on a heart level. On top of all that lovely juice in my life, the work with Sarah helped me open up for true soul-mate love, which has been a pain of mine forever. Through our work I was able to heal and forgive so much past fear and trauma, that my soul-mate just walked into my life, while I had my heart wide open for him. So much so that I discovered my true calling through that and we just got married! SARAH TAUGHT ME TO NOT ONLY LISTEN BUT TO TRUST MY INTUITION. The most wonderful thing about her is that she has always had the BIG picture of me in her heart. The amount of LOVE she poured into every session we had together is beautiful and has been such a great inspiration for my own work with my clients. Sharing her love for coaching and her message was a huge learning experience. Since it was the first time that I felt LOVE exuding into something someone is doing so greatly and authentically. 

Whenever I would start to think small she had the miraculous ability to turn it around.


With one sentence, guided meditation or text. All of which I am beyond grateful for. Sarah always talks, feels into and expands me into the highest version of me. Her wonderful senses and amazing coaching abilities seemed to always have guided her to gently push me to the edge of my comfort zone. Which never felt as scary as it used to, when I would try to make it on my own. With lovely Sarah by my side I felt safe enough to leap into the person she has already seen in me. That way my stepping into that woman always felt incredibly expansive and happened really quickly. THE PROGRESS THAT I HAVE BEEN GOING THROUGH AND MADE HAPPEN OVER THE PAST FEW MONTHS IS BEYOND THAT WHICH I COULD HAVE WISHED FOR. On top of that I was able to resolve a lot of other things in my life that continually kept me in the dark of my own limiting beliefs, which I have been able to become aware of and sensitive to, thanks to wonderful Sarah. 
From the bottom of my huge heart and to the depths of the universe, I THANK YOU dear Sarah, for your guidance, expansion, trust and Support along my journey into the woman that I am today!

How did you feel before working with Sarah? How do you feel after?

At the beginning I felt confused about who I actually am and who I am supposed to serve through my business. There was a lot of confusion and insecurity. I had previously bought a lot of training about how to create an online business, but none really got me going. I was hustling and doubting myself, while in between listening to my intuition to hire a coach.
Through this decision all of that got turned around over the course of a short 4 months...

Today I feel expanded, full of trust and inner knowing about my abilities of who I am.


Who I am here to serve and how I actually desire to spend my life. I AM FEELING RADIANTLY ALIVE AND EAGER TO SHARE MY GIFTS that my previous pain taught me, with other women - help them create an amazing and loving relationship with themselves in order to let true love in. 

What did it feel like to work with Sarah?

Expansive, DIVINELY FEMININE and supported 

Why would you recommend others to work with Sarah?

Well, my deepest hearts-desires came true, while I was working with Sarah, which I believe speaks for itself. I HAVE NEVER MET ANYONE WHO POURS SO MUCH LOVE INTO WORKING WITH CLIENTS. Dearest Sarah, you always supported my expansion with the right amount of pressure in order for me to grow into my desires without any overwhelm. 

What were your expectations before you started working with Sarah?


Was there anything you were skeptical about before working with Sarah?

No. The day that we decided to work together, I HAD A FEELING AND A SENSE OF KNOWING THAT IT WAS TIME TO HIRE A COACH and then we connected. So there was no question or scepticism!

Alexandra Gartner, 27, Soulful Love Fairy - Love & Energy Worker from Austria




Mariah Freya

Sarah is truly a coach from the heart!  Her intuition and feminine approach motivated me to look deeper within.
When I started working with her I was stuck in business. I didn’t know how to continue. How to overcome my blockages towards money. How I could make it all work. My clients were little, my money account felt dry like a desert and even my motivation was sinking every day.


I felt held and safe to express my darkest worries. I claimed my inner drive back. I finally took responsibility. Started making decisions that were aligned with my being and my authenticity. Ignoring what other expected from me – instead surrender myself towards my inner guidance.

Thanks to Sarah, I feel motivated more than ever to let myself shine in this world, to follow my intuition. 

There is a new flow of abundance, also on my bank account.


Thank you beautiful woman for being in my life. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

What did you feel like at the beginning and the end of working with Sarah?

In the beginning I felt lost. I didn't know what to do next in order to be sustainable with my business. 

In the end I found clarity and clear actionables that I implemented immediately.


What is the biggest lesson you took away from coaching with Sarah?

That knowing my own desires is crucial to run a desire business.

How has your coaching  journey together your life? 

I AM MUCH MORE IN TUNE WITH MY MONEY FLOW. I don't feel fear when I open my bank account. I feel much more relaxed and trusting in the universal support.

Were there any reactions from others around you after coaching with Sarah?


He saw me grow out of my dependency into an independent strong woman.

What do you love most about your life now?

That I feel much more aligned with my desires. I work differently and with much more energy.

What did it feel like to work with Sarah?

Wonderful! SARAH IS SUCH A WISE AND INTUITIVE WOMAN. She gives so much. She is a blessing to this world.

Mariah Freya, 29, Sex Coach from Munich



Julia Colella

I am touched by your wonderful craft. Thank you for this relaxing and inspiring time at your retreat. How wonderful you create this together. I loved the meditations. I am especially touched by the conversations with you, because you are so honest, loving and always willing to help. I am so grateful you created this beautiful space.

Julia Colella, COACH OF THE YEAR 2016, Hypnotherapist & Business Coach from Frankfurt


Cam Adair

Sarah is magical! Her radiant spirit for life is contagious and she has a pureness in her intentions that's unmatched. 
From the moment I met her in Bali she's been an invaluable source of authenticity in my life, and working with her to clarify my message and strengthen the value I can provide to my audience has been priceless. I highly recommend her!

What did you feel like at the beginning and at the end of working with Sarah? 

I knew I could trust her, but I felt uneasy about being vulnerable and opening up my work to feedback. At the end I was so glad that I did because Sarah constantly made me feel safe while providing a ton of value in helping me strengthen my mission.

What surprised you the most about the coaching sessions?

How well Sarah held the space of holding me accountable to being vulnerable ("How are you feeling about this right now") while making me feel safe to explore my work with her.

Why would you recommend others to work with Sarah?

Because her work makes a difference, and it's easy to implement. Sarah keeps her teaching to the root of what's valuable without adding in a bunch of fluff.

How has your journey together affected your life? Did it make a difference?

I'm much more confident in sharing my story


(specifically the valuable aspects of it) instead of feeling like I need to sit back and worry someone will call me a fraud.

Were there any reactions from others around you after our sessions?

People have said I appear more calm and confident.

Was there anything you were skeptical about before working with Sarah? How did this change?

I guess I'm always a bit skeptical about whether someone is just rehashing the same old stuff all the time. With Sarah the work was very personal and although there's basic principles at play, she was able to help me apply them to MY story.

What do you love the most about your life now?

Knowing I can provide a ton of value to people and being able to take the steps to do that, to take initiative instead of waiting back.

How do you feel every time you speak with Sarah?

Excited because I know it will be valuable and fun too. We laugh a lot.

Cam Adair, 29, 2 x TEDx Speaker from Canada



Katie Sing.jpg

Sarah is very intuitive and keeps an element of playfulness and love in everything she does. She gave me the encouragement to share more of myself and a safe and nurturing space to open up, reflect and release and to be crystal clear on defining the core of my gifts.  Sarah prompted me to believe I already have what I need to take action on visions I thought were further in the future. Now I feel at peace with myself where I am and

I feel confident to share more of myself


and my plans with the world. I trust more in taking action on my intuition and inner guidance since working with Sarah.

Katie Sing, Part Feng Shui Coach, Business Coach, and Reiki Healer from Australia

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Ryan Brooke

Sarah is such an incredible person, mentor and friend. I briefly met Sarah while abroad in Bali. I had no idea just how powerful she was until our coaching sessions began. Sarah is a person who really gets to the heart of the matter and puts her heart and soul into every conversation. After working with Sarah I now feel confident that I'm able to make my dreams/goals in life a reality! With Sarah's support, encouragement and wisdom, I have already started. If you are looking for support, advice, or direction in ANY area of your life, Sarah is your girl!

What surprised you the most about your coaching sessions?

How well Sarah and I connected and how powerful our sessions were! How powerful and intuitive Sarah is. I think I was most surprised by how she is able to tap into her intuition and answer/coach me straight from the heart.

What did it feel like to work with Sarah?

She gave me her full attention and was genuinely interested in my ideas and vision for myself and my life. Sarah is such an extremely supportive person and I really do cherish our sessions together. She also speaks from the heart and really taps into what she is feeling – her advice and suggestions always gave me a better feeling and more of a direction on what steps to take next in accomplishing my goals. Also, her feedback and beautiful messages are always so encouraging and positive. I really appreciate them and look forward to them!

Why would you recommend others to work with Sarah?

Because she's a powerhouse!

Sarah was able to uncover parts of the truth about any situation that we discussed that I was unable to see. Super helpful!!! And she was always right on!

What do you love the most about your life now?

I finally am able to love myself.

This is something I’ve always struggled with. I am now happy with who I am, who I am becoming and truly love myself from the inside out.

Ryan Brooke, 28, wellness advocate from Cleveland


Jenny Rieger

To every session she brings exactly what I need at the moment, even when I don’t know that is what I need. Whether it is a deep mediation to get to the core of my feelings or a practical action plan for the next week. Sarah has a gift to feel and see what you need and she is not afraid to say the things that you need to hear in order to move forward. Yet, her loving energy, which you can’t help but carry into your day with you after each session, is from another world. It was fairly common that the people around me would comment on my glow after a session with her. She brightens the world with her light and helps you re-discover your own light within to do the same. 

Sarah is an angel dressed up in a beautiful human being. An angel that provides business, life, relationship and any other coaching you can think of. With her it’s not about the labels, but she sees the whole picture that is your life and helps you put everything in place to move closer to the life you are meant to live.

She sees the divine in people and helps you see it too. 

It’s impossible to do the work with her justice in just a couple of words. It has made a huge difference in my life from our very first encounter to the many sessions after. Just looking back to who I was back then, when I first met her to now is unbelievable. I am so much more connected to my inner guidance system, I am approaching my days with more playfulness and I am so much more aware of all the beautiful opportunities that are always around me.

She helps me feel alive and enjoy all these precious moments of my life. This shows in all aspects of my life: personal, relationships, business, finances. Sometimes I stop and look at the life she helped me create and I can’t help but have a huge smile on my face - in public. Then I see other people smile back at me and I know that we are all one and I get to raise other people up, the way Sarah lifts me up with every conversation or co-creation we share.
Like I said:

She is an angel who is not afraid to dish out some loving truth!

Jenny Rieger, World Citizen, Web developer/designer for life changers


Sarah Antwerpes.jpg





Since she has a long story of life lessons to look back on she always has a good anecdote or personal story to visualise and explain the topic she is talking about. Sarah helped me to see personal barricades and potentials I could or simply did not want to see before - that is what makes Sarah so special, while she knows how to ask the right questions to tackle a problem, she shows the good side of it. It’s not about battling and deleting your problems, its about taming the inner demons and progress to a higher consciousness. Love life! Sarah does that with an inner power I know from very few people.

What surprised you the most about your coaching sessions?

Sarah has a very interesting point of view. She has a good intuition for asking questions that just weren’t there before. The kind of questions that suddenly shine a light on a spot I didn’t know existed before. Like going through a darker part of the woods and suddenly there is this a clearing.

What is the biggest lesson you took away from your time with Sarah?


Search for what makes you happy and don’t dictate yourself to something less.


Was there anything you were skeptical about before working with Sarah? 

I asked myself if I can be totally open, or if I start “playing a role”, but I was very happy that I could just be myself. 

Paul, 29, Project Manager from Munich


Helen Evans

I came into my coaching session with Sarah with what I thought was an open heart, but what I discovered was a broken one which Sarah helped me mend. Sarah guides you through a session with kindness and understanding and allows the space to open up and move through whatever comes up. After the session I was more aware of patterns I had created in my life and felt able to start anew.

What surprised you the most of Your session?  

I was surprised how easily Sarah matched my energy in that she brought playfulness into the session which I like

What did it feel like to work with Sarah?  

Very relaxing and safe to be with and a very kind energy

How do you feel every time we speak?

Always very happy and light.

Helen Evans, Life Coach from Australia


Brigitta Tauch

From my heart "Thank you" for your love, presence and your work. So beautiful, to experience you two and to be allowed to learn from you. I am so grateful for the new perspective and the love and the several touching moments that I experienced. I feel vital, colorful and calm. Full of Love. The retreat weekend has triggered so much in me and I look forward to a colorful, bright future.

Brigitta Tauch, intuitive, motivating & inspiring Coach from Austria


Sarah helped me to realise that I don't need to do something because it is socially expected.  She encouraged me to find my passion and to go for it. SHE REALLY HAS A GIFT TO SEE WHAT YOUR PASSIONS ARE AND HOW YOU CAN FOLLOW THEM.

What is the biggest lesson you took away from Your time WITH SARAH?

You don't have to do something because you believe it is expected from you. 

What did it feel like to work with Sarah?

It felt very good and pleasant. I love talking to her, it is just that simple.



Why would you recommend others to work with Sarah?

I would recommend others to work with her, because she has the ability, the gift to see what peoples's real dreams and passions are. I always feel encouraged to do what I really want to do after we have talked about it. Sarah believes in people, and their passions. If I am telling her something about my ideas, she always encourage me and my concerns vanish.

How has your coaching journey affected your life? 

It definitely affected me in the way, that I now deeply believe that everyone has the right to follow his own passions. You don't have to do something just because you feel it is socially expected. I often found myself thinking that I can't do this, because this is not how it is done normally and how it is expected.  BUT SARAH HELPED ME TO SEE THAT IN THE END IT HAS TO BE SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY AND SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT.  This is what I learned from Sarah and I am very grateful for it.   

Was there anything Sarah motivated you to do?

She definitely motivated me to believe in me and that

I can be ANYthing I want to be! 

So now when I am thinking about my future I am not only thinking about jobs I could do, because this is what I have studied, but also thinking about how can I use my passion and transform it into a job.  

How do you feel every time you speak with Sarah?

I really enjoy speaking to her. It makes me feel motivated and encouraged in my plans and ideas. No matter what idea I have, SHE WOULD ALWAYS BE ABSOLUTELY SUPPORTIVE ABOUT IT. Often people start asking questions, e.g. is there a market, how much will you sell, etc. With Sarah I always have the feeling she listens and she gets also excited about my ideas, without having any preconceptions and without judging the idea beforehand. 

Michaela, 26, Student from Munich
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Reno Johnston

When I began my session with Sarah, I felt foggy and unclear about how to move forward in my business and my life. I had anxiety around my finances, and I planned to take a job that I felt wouldn't satisfy my heart and soul. I intuitively sensed Sarah's coaching would be a gift, but I wasn't sure what to expect. By the end of our conversation, it had become very clear that a desk job in sales was not appropriate use of my gifts and talents, it was clear that I had the makings of a powerful coach, IT WAS CLEAR THAT I COULD DEVELOP MY SPIRITUAL BUSINESS TO THRIVE, and I felt ready to step back into my power.

Sarah's feminine energy, strength, and loving yet fearless coaching style are the perfect combination for someone who's looking for a compassionate force, and support in remembering how AMAZING they are and how POSSIBLE the life of their dreams is. By the end of my experience with Sarah, I felt like the most powerful person around and I believed that I could do and be and have everything and anything I desired.

As a result, I decided that a desk job was not for me,


shifted my focus into doing things I love and continuing to build my spiritual business.

Every conversation with Sarah is a gift to the heart and soul. With each conversation and each miracle, I am released from the imprisonment of my mind and my conditioning - the shackles of my creation - and set free into a life of wonder and possibility. I feel light and liberated.



Reno W. Johnston, Life-Stylist, Firestarter, Lightworker from Canada

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Sebastian Thalhammer

The work with Sarah has been one of the most profound moments in the journey of my business. She has a unique way of taking you for a ride to dive deep into your own views of the world and you come up with a fresh perspective of who you are and possibilities to express yourself in the most authentic, powerful way through your own brand - and it resonates with your clients.

It’s not about coming up with the catchiest slogan to capture your customer’s attention in a short time.

It’s about getting crystal clear on who you are

and what your services are and how this serves your customers and learning to put that into words.

To quote Simon Sinek: People don’t buy what you do, but WHY you do it. THIS is what Sarah helps you to find out and communicate with your audience.

Before our session I was unsure how I could possibly communicate all my ideas and visions. I was looking for clarity and structure, but my abundant ideas seemed to hold me back.

I was surprised to find out that most of the answers to my questions (or maybe all of them) were within me already, I just couldn’t see them before. Sarah helped me see what was there all along. Especially learning about what is called the “scanner” personality was a big AHA moment for me and opened a whole new way of living my life. 

The weekend with Sarah was full of energy, fun, openness and transparency. Try it for yourself: Sarah sees the beauty in you with intense clarity even if you can’t see it yourself.

Sebastian Thalhammer, Digital Commerce Consultant for Visionaries from Austria


Dinah Stark

Sarah, I am so so grateful that you are in my life. In the beginning I felt depressed, unhappy, lost and I did not love my life and myself. After our conversations I saw my light again. I love my life and myself now more than ever and appreciate every day. Sarah is such a special gifted person with the biggest heart and she makes the world a better place.

What surprised you the most about The sessions with Sarah?

The most surprising was her way to listen to me and her ability to really feel my needs.

What is the biggest lesson you took away from Your time with Sarah?

The biggest lesson I took away was that I am the active creator of my life! 

What did it feel like to work with Sarah?

I was so looking forward to every session we had together and could not wait for the next one. I felt so much happier and loving with Sarah's voice in my life. 

I see my light again. 


How has our coaching journey affected your life? Did it make a difference?

Oh yes, it totally affected my life in so many positive ways! Sarah gave me the confidence back to take the power over my life again, to love every day and to forgive myself and the people around me.

Were there any reactions from others around you after your coaching sessions?

Yes, everybody (family, friends, partner, colleagues) noticed my change. 


My sister was especially happy to see me coming back to the real me again.

Was there anything Sarah motivated you to do?

Yes absolutely! She motivated me to see my special self, to take care about myself and to go out there and do the things that I love. 

Did you leave anything behind in the process?

Yes, I left all my anger, pain and self-destruction behind. That also included my last job.

Dinah Stark, 33, Co-Founder of a Packaging Free Supermarket from Cologne