A Space where a loving community of powerful women supports you in creating the life & business of your dreams

Sarah Antwerpes

Authentic experiences of your Sisters

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"I can Be myself and I am not alone any longer"

I found a new Soul family. They fully understand my thoughts, dreams and support me with so much love. We can be completely honest with each other. They make me feel like I am perfect the way I am and that I can change the world.

Dinah Stark. Vegan nature lover. Did a successful crowdfunding campaign & opened a plastic free supermarket.

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"I feel understood and we support each other with our plans and projects."

What's special compared to other communities is that the Sisters are very honest, supportive and loving. Sparked by the connections in the community, we created an online work group where we support each other with our projects. I wouldn't have gone online with my blog without them.

- Vera Lara Zoda. Coach & Speaker. Totally transformed her life. Started her own coaching business and is now supporting other women in being bold & beautiful.


We are in this together!


If you will be part of this community or not we love you to know, what's possible for your life & SoulBiz:


You sit at home in tears and you doubt yourself, your job, your business, your decisions? We love to hear and hug you, Sis! You dance through the streets, because you made an amazing crazy decision from your intuition, but nobody around you gets you? We love to celebrate and dance with you, #SoulBizSisters! We all experience these ups and downs! SoulBizSisters Coach Sarah Antwerpes and so many women who are part of this sisterhood know there will be less downs and doubt, if you surround yourself with women who feel you. Who get your desires for living a more soulful and free life. Sisters who appreciate you for who you truly are, even if it is the total contrast of what society, "the system" wants you to be. We believe in you, we believe in you finding and following your calling. We support you in listening to your true beautiful amazing powerful voice within.

SoulBizSisters - Together More

Did you know, You are the average of the 5 beings you spend most time with?



If our group calls, online community, experts, live coachings, every step we do you will strengthen your connection to your true inner voice, intuition & power. 

ENCOURAGING. PRACTICAL. LOVE. You will experience, if you feel that connection ANYTHING is possible! And best of all: you are not alone! A group of ladies is by your side every step of the way. They support you and understand what it means to go for your dreams. The calls are accessible from around the world. There is no strategically planned step 1, 2, 3 bla bla. INDIVIDUAL. REAL. LOVE. CONNECTION.

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"THey listen to their inner voice more than to the outside conventions"

To be honest: I have never been part of a community comparable to this ... 

The people I met are spiritual and grounded at the same time. They all share a desire to design their life according to the values they believe in. They live a meaningful, free and authentic life. It is very inspiring to be part of the processes they are going through and witness their success and happiness.

- Anonym. Creative Genius. Who felt like a Searching Soul stuck in a normal job. Now super active Curator for Artists.


This is what you receive


GROUP COACHING CALLS with international SoulBizCoach Sarah Antwerpes and the support of her coaches team. 

  • Twice a month all of us meet for 1.5 hours live online to help each other truly from our hearts. (1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month @ 16:30 - 18:00 CET Berlin Time | 10:30 - 12:00 am EST New York Time)
  • If you can't make it you get a recording for free, available for 1 week. This is especially valuable for all you moms. We know life with kids can be unpredictable. Still we love you to benefit from The Temple and nourish yourself with the support of your #SoulBizSisters.
  • Sarah Antwerpes gives her incredibly powerful coaching energy and brings all you wonderful Sisters together. Space for answers, feelings, inspiration and encouragement.
  • You don't have to share of your life and questions, but you are welcome to do so as soon as you feel comfortable, which happens super quickly being surrounded by these wonderful women with so much love. Otherwise you listen and learn from other wonderful women who are on a similar path.
  • You get insights into how Sarah built her dream life style and how you can create yours. 
  • We speak (non-perfect) English and the language of our hearts. To help you expand. Open up. Love.

THE TEMPLE MEMBERSHIPS are very accessible with small monthly investments.

  • You can start any time and always opt out and IN again. Stay as long as you like.
  • We always love having you with us. Freedom. Abundance. Appreciation.

ALL OF YOU who love to experience a more soulful Business world are welcome

  • Whether you are just starting out to create your dream and love to see how other women flow in their soulful journey and learn from them.
  • Or you already live your dream lifestyle almost all the time and love to be connected to other beautiful beings on the same path and ask for support for your decisions or emotions.
  • You all receive practical help and nourishing spirits. 
  • Sarah made the experience: No matter, if you just started longing for a new lifestyle - maybe you love to quit your job - or you already created a business with a team, together we are more. SoulBizSisters do not think in hierarchies. We all have our special gifts and Sarah is excellent in bringing them up in you so quickly.
  • We feel you no matter where you are in this world. Let's connect. Feelings. Life Style. Business. All one.

INSPIRATION OF QUESTIONS & FEELINGS our group calls are about

  • "I'm not alone. I am enough. I am not the only one with this fear and blockage. Today I learnt on top, how to let go of them and make the next steps in a way how I love to create, work and inspire."
  • "It is possible to build a soulful business from our hearts and share authentically with the world."
  • "I found ways how I create income with my passion."
  • "Now I can really feel what my calling is. I know why I am here. I am so excited."
  • "I am clear what the next steps are to let go of my current part time job and I know my SoulBizSisters will support me in this the next weeks, so that I will not again and again turn back to look for safety in a "normal job" but create what really makes the world a better place.
  • "Hearing the success stories from other SoulBizSisters showed me for the first time  'IT IS POSSIBLE'"
  • "For this very first time I felt understood, that planning my life out doesn't work for me, because I am such a free butterfly, constantly looking for new adventures. There is not this one thing for me. I am a lot and this is ok, more than ok, it is big, bold and beautiful."

When you hopp on the call either share what you need support with, ask questions in the middle of our time together, or just listen to what feels good. Help other sisters, if you made this experience already, or you can help with a contact or two. Connect after the calls, be creative together or just lean back and feel inspired.

SoulBizSisters Special Gift

Special Gift

From time to time we will invite #SoulBizSisters Experts on additional calls: Ted X Speakers, Multiple Book Authors, Online Community Leaders and women who are featured in international magazines for living their dream and guiding a soulful business.

Vera Teutemacher Testimonial Photo : Picture.jpg

"Life and business can be so warm and so supporting, yes Ladies, that's true!"

SoulBizSisters Temple is not just about business, for me it´s about getting a glimpse at what life and living together can be: Seeing the best in each other and being so honest at the same time. Feeling united in a vision - no matter the distance or the different "jobs".

- Vera Teutemacher. Transformed her life from ignoring her creative source into becoming a Personal Song Writer. Singer. Coach. Creative. Children's Whisperer.


About your host Sarah Antwerpes

My name is Sarah and I am the initial creator, fan, lover of this movement. Besides being a loving nomad business mum who traveled to more than 30 destinations the last 3 years.

Today we are a team and 1000s of women around the world who say:


YES, I am in: For a business world led by our hearts & intuition. 



First who is this crazy women writing to you here? I am the one on the left in this picture above, which says a lot about me. 

Even if I had a sleepless night with my beloved baby boy Lilas, coaching women like you makes me get up in the morning being 100 % present. I am an international SoulBizCoach & Coaches Trainer for amazing and powerful women. AND I used to be a suicidal, burnt out marketing manager, pleasing the world instead of living out who I truly am: A super straight forward, loving woman, who clearly knows why she is on this planet earth. Teaching others to feel their light and "why" too and make it even their SoulBiz.

My job - I call it calling - gives me super powerful waves of energy. I have run retreats, seminars, lead communities, doing 1000s of 1:1 coachings and many more adventures with clients around the world. One of them is the powerful Mariah, who you can see on the right in the picture above. She is a former client of mine, one of the most powerful influencers in the self-development world and she was part of my last retreat, to participate for her own well-being, to support the women as an expert and to support me as a loving SoulSister. For me our relationship is a perfect example of what #SOULBIZSISTERS are. I am not jealous, when she tells me about being featured in magazines like the Glamour, having her next big talk or expanding her team again. I support her in writing the outline for her talk, I tell everybody to buy the glamour and I tell her that she is a loving, super intelligent business owner no matter what happens. She motivates me to do retreats, ask higher prices because she thinks my powerful work for the world should be valued more and she will be super happy, if I tell her next week that I am asked to contribute as a co-author to a book about freedom, have my next speech and retreat lined up. Every single week we do have a phone call no matter if we are in Bali, NYC or Munich. We celebrate each other, we remind each other of caring about ourselves when business becomes overwhelming, we hug each other if a family member died and we truly love each other. On top we are fully committed to make the world a better place and not only talk about it. For me this is a perfect yummy vegan strawberry vanilla smoothie of SOUL, BIZ and SISTERS. 

Jeah to be honest, writing this, is still a bit uncomfortable for me. Not the part, that I was standing at the window to jump out and end my life a few years ago. But the part of saying I am an amazing women who supports super amazing ladies. I feel thats the case for many women. It is much harder to truly say beautiful words about yourself and really feel this, than sharing some things which went wrong in our lives. SO I write this to you here, to walk the talk.

We need more women who truly truly feel their love within them. If we feel it within us, it flows into the world and is just a ripple effect of more love for the whole world. And of course with this I do not mean the dusted business world marketing stuff like "fake it until you make it", I mean true, honest, feelings. If you do not feel it yet, join our temple, it is our pleasure to make the next steps together. 


"if everyone on planet earth experiences how Creating together makes life easier, our (business) world is love." Sarah Antwerpes 



Behind the scenes of the #SoulBizSisters movement

from #SoulBizSisters Movement Initiator & Host of the Coaching calls Sarah Antwerpes

Here you usually find a "Sales page" trying to convince you to buy a service.

I love to do business differently / the way it flows from my heart. I feel this serves the world the most. These lines just give you authentic insights. The #SoulBizSisters Temple is a result of a huge transformation (not only) within me:


our last #SoulBizSisters retreat, 

IS the source of how the temple as a

constant space of Female connection around the world


- with the most powerful women I have ever experienced in one room, 

I start with showing you some impressions in pictures:

Special thanks to SoulBizSister Anna Tuegel, who took all of these wonderful pictures at one of my last events, even created this book of them and sent them to me in a handmade paper - piece of art. In between taking pictures she joined our circle of women with her new born baby, breastfeeding and cuddling her and making the next moves for her SoulBiz with us. How relaxed she stayed with handling all of this, shows how wonderful the energy was during the event. Thank you to all the women who were open to be seen through Anna's loving eye and camera. How lovingly you supported Anna, so she could have the freedom to take part as a mother of two and still doing business. This to me is true Soul Biz Sisters love.  


they said they felt seen and acknowledged for who they truly are. 

How precious they are! 

How much the world needs their authentic gifts! 

And that they are worth receiving for it! 

And they let me receive for it, like a natural abundant process


Red hearts falling out of a personal letter,

hand-made gifts for my whole family,

super touching postcards,

natural art and beautiful flowers in my hands,

women looking into my eyes with so much love,

incredibly loving voice messages,

so many women supporting each other and me after the retreat, 

tears of joy...high vibes...

For a long time I didn't know how to transform this loving feedback and create more of these experiences for you.


I am in the lucky position, that I am used to loving feedback, but this time I felt so stuck. As if my mind beamed out. White space. I felt bad not being able to express my gratitude for this love in an appropriate way. So what was going on?

In creating moments of togetherness I noticed how much these wonderful women who I was working with profited not only from my support, but from the support of women who were on the same path. OF EACH OTHER! I realised how important it is to me to carry on that message:


We become univers-ally powerful, when we honor each other as the amazing women we are!

Instead of wasting our precious life time, being jelous and in competition.  

Every women who doesn't feel this yet should have the space to even make this her everyday life...THIS HAS TO BE POSSIBLE FOR EVERYONE.

This is what the #SoulBizSisters Temple is here for!


Let's just say it: It drives me mad when I see many of us women not knowing who to go to for emotional and practical support with their new path. Sitting alone at work or travelling until you don't know where you are anymore. Often I am the first person with whom women share with, how they really feel. They don't know how to integrate their soulful, spiritual or self-development inner path into their everyday life and their job or business.


There needs to be more connection between women. I knew it before, but for many reasons it felt really scary to expand the #SoulBizSisters movement! Then a SoulSister said:


"If you follow that fear, you make it about yourself. That's the opposite of serving. It's not about you. It's about all the women out there who need support and community right now!" I realised, she is right. 


So I lived by example. I did for myself what I love to help you with through The Temple.  

I connected to other women.


  • I sat together with one of my best friends until late at night opened up my heart about everything.

  • I cried, laughed a lot on a coaching call with my Soul Sister in the US.  

  • I connected with my SoulBizSisters in feminine masterminds to speak about my vision for women to be so open, so loving, so helpful for each other.

  • I asked another girlfriend to have a regular co-work(bl)ing date and talked about how to reach more women with my mission. She interviewed me with some great questions and created a press release about my mission. 

  • I agreed on working with a new coach on how I can reach more women with my passion for writing. I got clarity on how much I can give with The Temple time wise and practically so I still have enough space to spend time with my love of my life and my beloved son.

  • I meditated much more and connected to my inner magician & queen while a SoulSister played with my baby Lilas.

  • I also meditated on the way of appreciation and prices. I danced with it until they felt good. 

  • I ate some huge pieces of chocolate cake and drunk some Chai Lattes while meeting up with some wonderful women of our #SoulBizSisters online community to give some extra sweet motivation mission.

  • I traveled inwards back to my past by reading old letters and looking at photos to remember how I felt when I wasn't supported as much as I am today.


Sarah Antwerpes


This journey of receiving super loving support strengthened me to share this vision with you. I want to give you Sisters space for your creations and I want you to feel as supported as I am today. Now. The Temple is here for you. Connect. Invite. Be in this together. More. Love.

Thank you Soul Sisters and my beloved little family for supporting me on this path. Your honest yet always loving support and space is making my life precious. What a huge change to when I felt lonely and depressed many years ago. Thank you!


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The Temple connects us all

We meet as SoulBizSisters. No one is better than the other. We see your beauty. We feel your desires. We all have special gifts. We embrace you just the way you are! 

Super practical: the next steps

Your next step is to click on one of the black buttons. You sign up for your first month in The Temple and receive an email with the link to our next call.

We always meet on the first & third Tuesday of the month for our group call. There might be a third call when we have an expert on board.


"It really feels like a family in the best possible way:

warm, supported, loved and also being able to support others and help them create what they want to bring into the world. The hosts created an openminded, supportive community and through the weekly calls we really get to know each other! It feels like a lot of friends together in one community! It is much more than just a Facebook group! You managed to bring us together so close so quickly. They are like my online home. We showed each other with all our fears and struggles and successes. There were tears and laughs in the videos, singing, dancing, silly and very wise things." - Andrea Ballhause, nature lover and author of a book for a vegan lifestyle


There's absolutely no competition, but just love and support

" I found so many new friends, and business like relationships in the community, thats so authentic. We all want the same thing, to live a life that's true to each and everyone one of us. It feels like everyone in the Community really gives a fuck about each other - and they truly want to see each other succeed and live the life that's so much in alignment. With their support I created my new website and found a new mastermind group with a feminine leader. The hosts are beautiful people who are always supporting me no matter what. They use their experience to teach others in such an inspiring and motivating way." - Carrie Silver, Feminine Mentor